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Mankato - Help make a difference! By collecting and donating extremely valuable face shields, masks, and gowns we can protect our community from the growing concerns of COVID-19.  

Current Needs

Get Mankato PPE is a grassroots organization, working with hundreds of volunteers to manufacture and distribute Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) within the region. They are currently seeking financial contributions as well as the materials necessary to make facemasks for individuals who need them. The following items are in high demand:

•    Buttons
•    Elastic
•    Material/fabric
•    Completed masks – homemade  or commercially produced

Get Mankato PPE is also seeking volunteers, specifically quilters and sewers, to join in the effort. 


There are many ways to help this organization apart from donating money or making masks. Fill out the form below and you can choose to be a driver or have a different job assigned to you.

Volunteer with us: